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St Kilda Park Primary School, founded in 1882, is a beautiful inner suburban bay-side school nestled in the southern tip of Albert Park electorate with a population of 366 children in 2018. We have a Student Family Index of 0.1924 which is way below state Medium of 0.5140.

St Kilda is a diverse neighbourhood. It has the highest population density of any Victorian Municipality; extensive parkland with highly developed sporting facilities and active sports clubs; a busy commercial/retail/entertainment strip; and a number of welfare agencies. The proximity to Albert Park has enabled the school to encourage high levels of participation in sport/physical activity both within and outside school hours. The school community has a commitment to The Arts and has developed a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) program to immerse Italian into the school’s curriculum. Our Year Three and Four students are involved in an extensive Kitchen Garden Program. Our Library services the whole school through the implementation of all curriculum areas as well as encouraging students to borrow on a regular basis.

The current enrolment is 366 students from 282 families. The school is zoned. Our student population comprises 179 girls and 187 boys. Our Foundation students are drawn from approximately 15 pre-schools. Our classes are organised to link with the structure of the Victorian Curriculum:

  • Foundation
  • Year 1 and Year 2
  • Year 3 and Year 4 and
  • Year 5 and Year 6
St Kilda Park Primary School Building St Kilda Park Primary School St Kilda Park Primary School Building

All staff members operate with a strong emphasis on collaborative planning to maximise consistency. The school’s staffing profile consists of 14 classroom teaching positions, five specialist teaching positions. We have had two additional teachers who support our Literacy and Numeracy Programs with intervention and extension and Reading Recovery. There are also two Principal Class Officers, (One fulltime Assistant Principal and a fulltime Principal). There is a Business Manager and an Office Manager. There are three part-time Integration Aides.

St Kilda Park Primary School community seeks to develop an inclusive, creative and reflective learning culture. This culture connects children to their world by engaging and equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to become valued members of the community.  

 We aim to create a secure, stimulating and happy environment which:

  • encourages children to take responsibility for their own behaviour and to respect the rights and needs of others
  • supports children to consistently strive for improvement and celebrates all worthwhile pursuits and achievements
  • promotes a sense of belonging and wellbeing in all students
  • fosters a strong sense of community and mutual respect between all members of our community.

The following core values are reflected in all aspects of school life and contribute to a sense of common purpose within the school community: Respect, Creativity, Enthusiasm and Resilience. Amongst a range of ideals we value student voice, teachers being addressed by first names, leadership opportunities for all students and no school uniform. Efforts are made to ensure that the school’s wider community is actively involved to enrich school life and ensure that individual backgrounds and experiences are acknowledged and affirmed. Parent participation is encouraged and welcomed by assisting with the implementation of the daily curriculum and the long term strategic planning of the school.

Our focus is to develop the teaching practices and learning environment that reflect this culture. Our model of professional learning has at its core the essential elements for learning: constructivism, inquiry, collaboration, co-operation, self-responsibility and personal development in an environment of challenge and support. Relationships in the school community underpin everything and enable us to build a community of continuous learners. The School Council and leadership team regularly consult with students, parents/carers, support organisations and community groups to ensure we are responsive to students’ social, emotional, cognitive and cultural needs.

A key component of St Kilda Park’s approach to building a positive culture through a primary prevention focus that underpins student wellbeing. The framework teaches positive behaviours, Restorative Justice Practices and the use of logical consequences to address appropriate and inappropriate behaviour. The use of Risk Assessment and Management Process (RAMP) builds capacity for pastoral care for early intervention of students at risk. Our positive school culture is predicated on student engagement being the basis for learning.

A professional learning community of life-long learners facilitates the building of respectful relationships, a deep understanding of pedagogy and improved teaching and learning practice. An inclusive and engaging curriculum incorporating the various teaching models incorporating AusVELS ensures that teaching and learning practice is in line with the needs of 21st-Century learners.