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Our school formed a partnership with Parks Victoria to build an Edible Kitchen Garden for the school and local community and to locate our playground outside our school grounds next to the Edible Kitchen Garden to draw the local community to this space. The legalities of this took a couple of years as it was quite a new venture for both Parks Victoria and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Whilst the agreement progressed we started working on what would be the essential characteristics of an edible kitchen garden. Essentially we came up with three:

· It be sustainable and productive through the use of organic soils and composting,

· It be accessible to the local community,

· Businesses and organisations are given the opportunity to form partnerships.  

Although funding is essential, the school believes parent expertise and volunteering will continue the program well into the future. The school also has to be committed to employing a gardener and appropriately qualified specialist teacher to oversee the program.

The need to educate our children about how to prepare soil and grow vegetables is not only essential to healthy living and longevity but also the educational benefits of improved academic performance through real life experiences and engagement. When you have vibrant, living, healthy soil, you have food bursting with health and that is the food that we need our children to eat - food that is going to sustain their young growing bodies and minds. It is an opportunity for children to experience a variety of new foods and flavours.

The school’s kitchen garden program empowers children for life with the knowledge of how to create healthy soils and grow healthy food that can be shared and enjoyed. The kitchen garden will provide our kids with hands on experience in learning about the growing and harvesting of fruit and vegetables, with an understanding of the value of organic growing principals, water conservation and environmental sustainability. Of course the most delicious lesson will be about enjoying the varied flavours of fresh produce that they have grown and prepared themselves.

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